Yes—we still make things in America—especially fine jewelry! Kevork & Co., designs, develops, manufactures and markets high quality jewels in the internationally-known Jewelry District of Southern California.

Fine jewelry created by designer, Kevork S. Aposhian, is hand-crafted by skilled craftsman, one of the primary factors contributing to the quality and longevity of all finished pieces. Using the latest in technology with the most precious stones available worldwide, we bring high quality merchandise to today’s modern women.

“The U.S. manufacturing sector gradually has been transformed to focus on less skilled workers and more automated machinery,” said Kevork S. Aposhian, Designer/Owner. “At Kevork & Co. we aren’t selling housecleaners or toothpaste. We’re designing art. We’re restoring family heirlooms. We stand by our craft and product.”

Connecting with clients is what we do best-- Kevork & Co.’s biggest strength lies in the unique ability to manufacture jewelry to truly match the needs and desires of each client. Our showcase features items for every consumer—from executives to equestrians, surfers to soccer moms, grandmas to college grads.

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